Jeff Drury


A Special Entrepreneurs of All Kinds Issue

  • The cover image — light trails extending into the distance — introduces the notion of forward motion and moving beyond.

  • Highlighted text provides impact for the opening salvo.

  • Throughout the report I used full-page images loosely related to the individuals in the study. Because the Masterclass often work in wholly new areas, and the parties themselves are not often household names, the relationship between a full-page image and the subject may not be understood on the first viewing.

  • Rather than a literal one-for-one relationship between the full page image and the person it refers to, the images, when viewed as a collection, represent the contexts within which these efforts are playing out.

  • The angular color blocks are meant to disrupt, overlap, and point in different directions.

Project Details

The Masterclass report was the fourth project I worked on for Babson College. The previous three pieces were larger in scale and all were interactive. This was the first that was solely print. Working closely with experience designers Christine Costello and Deb Meisel, I focused in on the idea that these entrepreneurs were all operating way out on the edge of their respective industries. This theme informed the overall slanted and extruded graphic approach I extended throughout the piece. As a long-time fan of magazines and magazine layouts, I found working with page spreads — systematically, based on the arc of the story, as well as identifying appropriate graphic responses for the logical section breaks and idea clusters, to be completely satisfying.


Visual Design and Layout

Additional Credits

Content by Christine Flanagan, Heidi Neck, Cheryll Kiser, and Deb Meisel.