Jeff Drury

Keith Munslow

So funny. So smart. (Performing somewhere right now.)

  • The main landing page offers ways into all three sites.

  • A news feed groups items from all three sites into one stream.

  • A sampling of images from all three sites are grouped in the footer of each main brand site page.

  • A central store displays items from all three sites.

  • Individual store pages feature audio samples, quotes and lyrics. All content is editable by the client.

  • The Superchief Trio site handles most of the content on a single page. (Love the shows sidebar.)

  • Image gallery in the masthead loads random images from photos uploaded by client and tagged "Superchief Trio".

  • Learning about Keith's shows for kids and families is almost like reading the panels on a box of cereal (except here you can poke things and they respond).

  • Nearly everything on every panel of the box can be edited by the client (including the links on the books on the shelf in the background).

Project Details

Working closely with Keith, I conceived, designed and built a family of three marketing sites served by a one content management system. Although visually different, the sites for the main Keith Munslow brand, the Superchief Trio and Keith's Shows for Kids and Families have enough in common to stand together, providing a consistent experience across sites. A custom-tailored Drupal CMS allows site administrators to update nearly every detail on the site, including a filterable central calendar that aggregates events from all three sites.


Concepting, Graphic/Web Design, Layout, Architecture, Front-end and Drupal Development.

Additional Credits

Illustrations by Keith Munslow.