Jeff Drury

In Green Company

Behavior methods for energy efficiency.

  • Over 100 videos are organized into four categories accessible from high contrast icons.

  • A dense amount of content arranged into three sections on one page

  • Clicking on one of the main icons brings up a second level of navigation, each with its own custom icon.

  • Method card pages feature a single large video and a dynamic navigation system that loads new videos without page refresh for a seamless experience. Additional method cards are accessible in the footer navigation.

  • Insights section features a step sequence list of key findings.

  • Interactive annotated diagram serves as a map of the energy models in the state.

  • Key energy legislation is captured in this fly-out section.

Project Details

This microsite highlights the energy efficiency initiatives of select Rhode Island companies. A single-page, long-scrolling site, In Green Company is divided into three main sections, each functioning as a small interactive module. The center piece of the work is a series of "method cards" aimed at helping companies learn from the best case practices of businesses we interviewed. Featuring over 100 videos distributed across four sections each with several sub-sections, the site is organized to make it easy for interested businesses to find advice pertinent to their situation.


Graphic/Web Design, Interaction Design, Layout, Front-end Development.

Additional Credits

Content by Eli Stefanski and Kara Dziobeck. Icons and graphics by Samantha Kowalczyk. Video by James Hamar.