Jeff Drury

Feedback for Teachers

How do we better understand the feedback that teachers receive?

  • The home page features a clickable adaptation of the report cover, reinforcing the main iconography and allowing users to jump into the main insight pages.

  • The main research findings are summarized in three videos available on the home page. The intent was to familiarize the user with the scope of the work early and then offer direct links into deeper content.

  • Working with Kara Dziobek, I produced three infographics mapping the before, during, and after states of the teacher-student-administration feedback system.

  • The three graphics, and their respective descriptions, are presented in a tabbed interface.

  • James Hamar produced a series of modular videos that could be used individually, in key parts of the website, and then combined into longer features presented on the home page. The video segments were accompanied by a short survey, asking teachers to feedback on our findings.

  • Christine Costello and I conceived of a system to share feedback with teachers. Upon submission of the survey, teachers are presented with a statistical breakdown of survey responses.

  • Way-finding is facilitated by a system of icons. Page headers feature section and specific page navigation information based on this system.

  • Project details are offered in the About section. The footer of this page serves as a pager, offering users a sequential path through the content related to the project process without the need for another menu component.

Project Details

How do we better understand the feedback that teachers receive? In what ways is feedback shared? Under what conditions does feedback impact teacher performance (both negatively and positively)? These were some of the questions the research team were exploring in the Gates Foundation-funded, Feedback for Teachers project. This project had the most hands on deck to date. I served as art director, creating the overall design direction and working with a small team of designers to produce it. This work included project branding, a printed report, a microsite, several infographics, and a series of modular videos that could be used individually in parts of the website or combined into longer features.


Art Direction, Visual Design and Layout, Front-End Development, Interaction Design

Additional Credits

Content by Christine Flanagan, Christine Costello and Chad Lockhart. Original infographic sketches by Kara Dziobek. Illustrations by Samantha Kowalczyk. Graphic design by Jeremy Withers. Video by James Hamar.