Jeff Drury

Eras of Entrepreneurship

Tracing the Entrepreneurial Narrative in the United States.

  • A single page application with multiple dynamic page sections.

  • Dragging across the timeline allows visitors to compare changes from one historical era to the next.

  • For each historical era, appropriate icons are highlighted and selectable.

  • Summaries are provided for each era, beginning at the top of the page and concluding at the bottom. A simple animated slide down the page connects the two sections.

  • Selecting 'explore in detail' on any item in the middle of the page opens the second major interface on the site, providing a general cross-era summary of this activity and an interface for viewing examples from each era.

  • Historical context and detailed consideration of each issue is provided by video interviews we conducted with Babson College faculty.

Project Details

The Eras of Entrepreneurship microsite provides a history of entrepreneurship in the United States in the twentieth century. The site is divided into two sections: 1) an overview of people, trends, definitions across a set of five historical eras, and 2) a timeline of important events and movements with video commentary from Babson College faculty. The first section appears on the "front" and is set up to allow a side-by-side comparison of the different eras by means of a slider navigation. The second section is accessed by clicking on one of the links in the lower half of the page. This opens an overlay panel containing a second, distinct interface. The site features a dense amount of content organized into an easy to navigate, rich, single-page application.


Graphic/Web Design, Interaction Design, Layout, Front-end Development.

Additional Credits

Content by Christine Costello and Robert Williams. Development assistance by Charles Berube. Icons by Jeremy Withers. Video by James Hamar.