Jeff Drury

Elements of Entrepreneurship

New stories to shape new realities for entrepreneurs of all kinds.

  • An extensive library of videos organized according to key observations and insights.

  • Dynamic interface allows viewers to both organize and watch videos in the same place and provides context via color coding and related links.

  • Filter videos by key concepts as well as demographic data.

  • Individual pages provide an overview of each Element.

  • Managing information flow: long descriptions are broken into two sections.

  • Sub-themes are broken into separate tabs, each featuring a description and a series of related videos.

  • Related videos are presented in the same panel as text description to orient user.

  • Opportunities for extending each element are listed in a tabbed sidebar.

Project Details

Drawing on hours of interviews with entrepreneurs of all kinds from across the country, the Elements of Entrepreneurship project draws a picture of what it is like to be an entrepreneur in the United States right now. The site features two ways of engaging with the story, one user-directed the other author curated. Administrators of the site have fine-level access to edit all of the site's content. A controlled vocabulary of terms allows all content to be organized and re-organized according to elements and element sub-themes. The site was architected as an on-going platform where new Elements can be added and existing ones updated. The next iteration of the site will be online in Fall 2012.


Graphic/Web Design, Layout, Architecture, Front-end and Drupal Development.

Additional Credits

Content by Christine Costello and Robert Williams. Illustrations by Samantha Kowalczyk. Video by James Hamar.