Jeff Drury

The Daily Jim

All the wit that's fit to spit.

  • Clean newspaper layout manages main and sub content.

  • Jim as (would be) dandy and (pop culture culture) monster.

  • An abrupt shift in editorial tone is signaled visually.

  • A small footer containing biographical information and social links signals a return to the proper style.

Project Details

This blog for pop culture writer Jim Pierce was the site of some popular posting for a while. The design brief was this (in an English accent): "Make it look and feel like a weathered, but proper, newspaper found years after a zombie apocalypse." The site features two main sections: a newspaper column-formatted traditional blog and a faux-ravaged, tear-out section for Pierce's zombie advice column. Wordpress is used for content management. New content arriving (in line with the summer blockbusters) in June 2014.


Graphic/Web Design, Interaction Design, Layout, Front-end Development.

Additional Credits

Creative Direction and stock image sourcing by Stephen Cooke.