Jeff Drury

Business Model Innovation Factory

Staying relevant when the world is changing.

  • Main messaging and imagery optimized for viewing device.

  • Rotating quote section uses icon fonts for thematic navigation.

  • Sub-sections of the page chunked for easy navigation.

Project Details

Business Innovation Factory founder Saul Kaplan needed a website to promote his new book and events related to it. Rather than design a series of short pages, each with a small amount of content, I designed a single, long-scrolling page. This approach is optimized for a short, focused experience — where to buy it, where to see the author, what people are saying about it. Using responsive web design techniques, the site layout conforms to the device used, from mobile phone to tablet to desktop.


Graphic/Web Design, Front-end Development.

Additional Credits

Content by Tori Drew. Original layout by Samantha Kowalczyk.