Jeff Drury

Business Innovation Factory

An evolving design system and publishing platform for innovation junkies.

  • The main home page balances visual interest, core messaging and four sections of dynamic content.

  • The workhorse of the site is a two column page that houses blogs, videos and more. In addition to adding and editing the basic page content, staff can enhance the page, inserting related content chunks into various regions of the page.

  • The main page layouts and user interface are optimized for viewing device.

Project Details

The main Business Innovation Factory website features detailed project pages, several blogs and many levels of company information. The site is also home to hundreds of videos with incredible storytellers culled from BIF's annual summit. My work at BIF includes maintaining and evolving both the site's information architecture and content management platform as well as the layouts and design system I originally created for it. This includes the typographic conventions and user interface patterns that comprise the dozen or more templates that drive the site. Here, the focus is on both the visual and technical matter of how layouts accommodate the varying types of content that will be entered by the staff. Most recently, I worked on an update on the site's main template base, making the site responsive to most devices — desktop, mobile, tablet.


Graphic/Web Design, Layout, Architecture, Front-end and Drupal Development.